Sponsorships & Fundraisers

Silver Stirrups Pony Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  



The Bylaws require each club to have at least five Sponsors of Record and that they have sufficient meetings to enhance communication. Sponsors must be 18 years of age and are approved by the DC. They can be parents of members in the club or other individuals who have indicated an interest in supporting the club. All of these individuals must pay the annual sponsors fee and serve a one year term based on the calendar year, January through December.

Sponsors responsibilities include:
1. participating in Sponsors Meetings where they can discuss and vote on issues properly brought forward in these meetings, 
2. establishing the annual sponsor's fee, 
3. election of club officers (i.e. Secretary and Treasurer) and recommendation to the Regional Supervisor for the appointment of District Commissioner and Jt. District Commissioners, 
4. making suggestions for operation and administration of the club 
5. examining the Bylaws (all three sets), club policies, records of sponsors meetings, club financial records, DC Handbooks and any other records pertaining to the club. 


Sponsors are required to meet at least once a year to elect officers, set sponsor fees, approve a calendar, set a budget, etc. 

Additional Sponsor’s Meetings, throughout the year are generally held for planning and policy making purposes.

Special Meetings of Sponsors will take place once each quarter during the quarters ending March 31, June 30, and September 30. Additional Special Meetings of Sponsors may also be called by a quorum of the sponsors, the DC, or the Jt. DC. 

These Special Meetings of Sponsors will serve as general communication and planning meetings for the club and to address policy and other issues. 

Notice of such meetings shall be delivered no less than fifteen days prior to the date of each meeting. Minutes of all sponsor meetings are taken by the club Secretary and mailed to the National Office, the RS and the VRS.


The Annual Sponsors’ Meeting (ASP) shall be held in the fall of each year at such time and place as may be designated by the DC.  Notice of the ASP stating the time and place of the meeting shall be sent at least 30 days before the meeting to each sponsor at his/her physical or email address as such address appears on the records of the club.  A copy of the meeting agenda shall be sent with the notice.  The Regional Supervisor (RS) and Vice Regional Supervisor(s) (VRS) must be notified in the same manner.  Minutes of the ASP shall be taken by the club Secretary and mailed to the National Office, the RS and the sponsors of the club.


Official Sponsor Form


Corporate Sponsorships:


The cost is $100 for your company's logo to be displayed on the SSPC Website with a link to your site for the calendar year.  


Send your high-resolution logo to NicoleHHackett@gmail.com and your $100 check to P.O. Box 434, Argyle, TX  76226 payable to:  Silver Stirrups Pony Club.  


Your company will be listed as a Supporter on all SSPC Printed and Electronic programs.


Download our Corporate Sponsor form (below) or email us for a form. 

Silver Stirrups Pony Club Business Sponsor Form
Please download and mail in with your sponsorship. We appreciate your support!
SSPC business sponsor form.docx
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