I don’t have a horse or pony! Can I still join Pony Club?

Yes! Ownership of a horse is not required. Access to a mount that you can borrow or lease, however, will help you to take advantage of all programs provided by Pony Club.


Do I still have to take riding lessons?
Pony Club meetings and events do not replace regular lessons. Although members are not required to take lessons, we do strongly recommend participation in a consistent lesson program.


How many meetings a year?

Typically, there are:

12 unmounted meetings (one a month)

4 or more mounted meetings or horse-related outings 

4 regional rallies (Show Jumping Rally, Dressage Rally, Eventing Rally and Quiz Rally) each year

1 equestrian-themed social outing


Silver Stirrups also offers a summer camp opportunity and an optional badge program that meets once a month for our younger members.


Some of our ufn outings have been a field trip to Medieveal Times with a behind the scenes talk and demonstration by one of the riders / trainers and an evening at the Prestonwood Polo Club to watch a match. Pony Clubbers and parents alike enjoyed the events!




We are happy to welcome new members. Just contact any of the club officers on our "Contact Us" page.


After completing the USPC membership paperwork and submitting it to the DC (District Commissioner) you will receive a packet in the mail from USPC. It will contain the USPC Promise, a membership book, and your USPC membership pin.  

The Pony Club membership year runs from January 1st through December 31st.  You can join anytime during the year, but all memberships end on December 31st and must be renewed for the next year.