Membership: About Us

 Silver Stirrups Pony Club is open to anyone interested in learning more about horse management and riding. Ages 6-25, whether you can ride or not, are welcome! Monthly meetings foster friendships while learning about various topics. They can be mounted or un-mounted. Rallies throughout the year provide an opportunity for teamwork and an outlet for the competitive spirit. Contact us to attend a meeting! We would love to meet you.



We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our organization as soon as possible! See our "FAQ" page for more information. 




1. Contact us to attend a meeting.

2. Receive a membership application and informational packet from one of our officers.

3. Receive new member packet and official pin from USPC (YEA!)

4. Purchase the following to begin learning:


The 2nd edition of The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship:Basics for Beginners (D Level)


This book can be found at the "Shop Pony Club" link, or usually in a local Barnes and Noble store. 


D level flashcards (optional, can be purchased at the "Shop Pony Club" link)


Medical Armband (required for all official mounted and regional rally events; can be purchased at the "Shop Pony Club" link)


WHAT TO WEAR (General Meetings):


1. Pony Clubbers must attend a meeting with proper footwear (with leather upper and a heel).  Paddock boots, cowboy boots or other barn appropriate footwear are acceptable.  Flip Flops, sneakers or uggs are not appropriate.


WHAT TO WEAR (Mounted meetings, Ratings and Rallies):


1. Khaki pants, breeches or jodpurs (if your pants have belt loops, a belt is required)

2. Proper footwear (with leather upper and a heel).

3. Properly fitted ASTM/SEI certified safety helmet

4. Silver Stirrups Pony Club polo shirt (tucked in) OR show shirt and jacket 

5. Official USPC pin

6. Official USPC medical arm band